PECULIAR | Branding
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Company’s We’ve Branded

  • Children's Medical Center

    Cleverly built with lower case “c”’s to enhance the whimsical word mark, the pink and blue of the children's faces complete the design

  • Charleston Business Magazine

    Elegant, bold and meant to convey the progressive flair of Charleston and the firm reliability of a respected publication

  • Nika White Consulting

    Elegant, simple, smart and clean. Using the intials of the founder with a capital, oversized ``C`` to wrap and complete the mark, which works in any format

  • York Coffee Roastery

    Coffee with a mission. Inspired by the color of coffee and a hand-written note, this brand will translate well to any product

  • Uphill Strategies

  • Miracle Hill Ministries' Thrift Store Truck Wrap

    Inspired by their established brand and color palette, the truck wrap was designed to relay their mission and be simple and easy to read

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